Thursday, 31 March 2016

Crowjob in Space updated

Hey folks, I’m posting this update in it’s current state without the Calvin & Milan scenes. Last tuesday I had an accident with my bicycle and hurt my hand and knee pretty bad; I can’t rest my right hand against a hard surface at this point so I couldn’t finish the second half of the update yet. I can finish the other half probably during next week, depending how fast this thing heals.

Until then, our space-iguana Vale is there to entertain you!


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Crowjob in Space: Station III | Update 29.2.2016

  • Tozi interactive as Darling (purple shark near the entrance)
  • Sidney interactive as all three characters (otter in the bathroom stalls)
  • Replaced interactive areas as white arrows to make navigating easier
  • Known issues:
    • Sound loops when entering character selection while sex-scene is playing

I know it's rather small update but my work schedule has been full all month. It gets better toward spring.
 Anyway, PLAY HERE or click the tab above.