Thursday, 25 February 2016

This month's update

Or at least I'll try to finish this during this month.

  • Tozi (Patreon NPC) interactive for Darling, with 2-animations
  • Sidney (otter in the bathroom stalls) interactive for all playables with 1-animation

For next month the playable characters will be able to interact with eachother, starting with Calvin x Milan.

On other news, is now defunct. I'll be releasing updates regarding Crowjob in Space here. My other stuff can be found in my new website (that I got with the rented server and I didn't want to waste it) such as 3D animations and possibly other stuff I haven't dared to release, in the future.

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  1. when is this update in the game

  2. damnit i really wanted to play this


  3. Yay :D Rip your other site xD glad to hear from you hommie.

  4. That's fantastic :D just one thing: when using Calvin, the tranny dog at the start (leftmost of the 3 workers) can be clicked, but it switches room angle instead of starting an animation!